Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Why do you think the number of students going into teaching is dropping so drastically? It’s not just about money. Listen to this  recent story featured on NPR’s All Things Considered on what is happening and what they have found. Leave your comments below. We want to hear...

How Reading Online and Searching the Web Can Change Our Brain.

Have you ever wondered if all that reading online interferes with reading a good book, stories and poetry? Listen to Dr. Maryanne Wolf from “The Center for Reading and Language Research” at Tufts University, as she confirms that searching on line is affecting our...

Making the Future Real for Education by Renate Caine

A friend recently reported witnessing a teaching program at Harvard that combined student research with virtual reality.  The first part of their study included student driven questions about the quality of water in a local river and its impact on the fish and fauna.  They...

How Does the Guided Experience Approach® Lead to Powerful Learning? by Renate Caine

When most of us use the word “learning”, we automatically think of things we memorized or had to reproduce in some way in school.  But from the point of view of the human brain, learning includes seeing things in a new way, developing a skill like riding a bike, conducting an...

Rethinking School Lunch by One of Our Natural Partners’, The Center for Ecoliteracy

Natural Learning requires a healthy body and the best nutrition. Here is a guide that helps you learn how to improve food at your school. I can still recall working with a wonderful school with great teachers and a caring staff.  Being hungry and a bit curious I remember going to...

Mastering Anything Includes Social Involvement, Top-notch Information and Application to a Life-like Situation. by Renate Caine

About a month ago I had a fall down the many stairs in our home. 911 produced instant results and a wonderful crew from our two local communities, Pine Cove and Idyllwild, California, who managed to get me into the ambulance and deliver me to the emergency room at one of our...