The Center for Natural Learning is NLRI’s local outreach in Southern California.

Its mission is to support a community that honors life and learning as a creative process.

The Center is headed by Dr. Renate Caine, Carol McClintic, and Andrea Bond.

Future Events

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Events on the horizon...

  • Community Dialogue Series
  • Guest Events
  • After School Programs using Natural Learning
  • Training using the Guided Experience Approach
  • Community Projects
  • And More...

    We are excited to be planning our next events for the Center and we are always open to what the community is in need of. If you have suggestions for future events, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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    Past topics and conversations have included:

  • Learning from caretaking a loved one(s)
  • Learning to Age gracefully
  • Learning from chronic pain and fatigue
  • Learning from physical balance issues
  • Recovering from stroke
  • Dealing with hip surgery
  • Recovering from cancer
  • Recovering from falls that lead to injury
  • How does knowing your communication style affect your ability to handle conflict?
  • Mirror Neurons: How we are unconsciously influenced by one another.
  • Understanding ourselves: from instinct to compassion and imagination.
  • Exploring Ayurveda: A wholistic approach to health.
  • Part 2 Exploring Ayurveda: A wholistic approach to health.
  • How to recognize and respond to an emotional whirlpool known as perseveration.
  • Meditation: What are the real purposes and benefits for you?
  • How are meditation and spiritual development connected?
  • Discover the relationship between stress and meditation