Learning From Life: A Girl and a Dog by Andrea Bond

When a child is around, my mind becomes a little more attentive. I love to watch children, their families, and the Natural Learning situations that are visible to me. One afternoon while having lunch at my favorite local cafe, I was observing a toddler and her mother. She was...

Relationship First! by Carol McClintic

The other day, I was stopped dead in my tracks when I overheard a passing conversation.  One of the people was obviously a teacher, and she was saying, “I am in for a terrible time because my class is really rough, and I am not looking forward to this year.”  How could this be...

NLRI Welcomes Parents and Home Educators by Andrea Bond

I remember when I first picked up 12 Brain/Mind Learning Principles in Action. At the time, I had a full library of books on parenting and homeschooling and I was driven. Learning about learning was tremendously meaningful and relevant to me because I wanted to be the best parent...